Practice history

A brief history of the practice.

There has been an inner city doctors’ surgery at 107 Clare Road in Grangetown for 40 years. The premises were renamed ‘Saltmead Medical Centre’ following extensive refurbishment in 2000. Saltmead is an older name for the local area.

The Practice provides primary care to a multi-ethnic population in a deprived area. The Senior Partner is Doctor Andrew Jones, who joined the Practice in 1995 as one of two partners. The Practice currently has over 5000 patients. The Practice provides primary care and is a high-achieving practice under the New GP Contract. It provides routine and some acute healthcare, referring patients to secondary or private providers where appropriate. The Practice provides and facilitates a number and range of clinics, including those for chronic disease (management of diabetes, asthma, etc), antenatal care, child health and phlebotomy (blood tests).

The Practice has:

· business objectives

· a process of regular performance reviews

· a positive approach to training

· an ongoing programme of Practice meetings for both the Clinical and Administration Teams and a monthly combined meeting for both Teams

· an induction process.

The Practice originally made a commitment to achieving the Investors in People Standard during 2001. The Practice was successful in its IiP assessment in 2005 and was successfully reviewed against the latest standard in November 2008. The Surgery is a training practice for GP registrars and for the placement of medical students. The Practice is currently allocated GP registrars on a six-monthly basis.

General Medical Services

The Practice provides general medical services as laid down in the New GP Contract it has originally signed with Cardiff Local Health Board.

Contracted services with Cardiff and Vale University Local Health Board

Essential Services: core services to those who are, or fear they are, ill (acute or chronic)

Additional Services – cervical cytology, contraception, childhood immunisations

Enhanced services:

minor surgery, anticoagulation, minor injuries and wound dressing, near patient testing, zoladex injections for prostate cancer, seasonal influenza campaign, access, PRISM.

Private services

Travel vaccinations & advice (we are an approved yellow fever vaccination centre)

Medical insurance and sickness reports

Medical examinations

Sick notes

Private consultations.

We have access for those with a disability.

Practice area

The Practice provides general medical services to residents living within the following boundaries:

Leckwith Road, Wellington Street, Cowbridge Road East, St Mary Street, Tresilian Terrace, Dumballs Road, Butetown Link, Ferry Road, Cogan Spur, Grangetown Link (A4232).

Please enquire whether our list is currently open.

There is currently a shortage of GP provision within the area.

Provision of services

Services are delivered to patients via consultations which take place the Surgery. Doctors may also carry out consultations at home where warranted/appropriate (Practice policy states that all requests for home visits are screened by the doctor on-call). The Practice also has a system to facilitate telephone consultations. Patients are referred to secondary care as appropriate and investigations and tests organised by the consulting clinician.

The majority of patient consultations are recorded on the Practice computer system. The Practice complies with current requirements in terms of computer security. The Practice has an electronic link with the Business Services Centre and is part of the Clinical Portal. The Practice is also ‘pathology linked’.

The whole Practice team is committed to the work of the Practice. The work of the Administration Team compliments the work of the Clinical Team.

Current Practice Objectives

Maintain Practice list size at 5000 patients

Ensure there is adequate provision for patients to consult with a clinician at times convenient to patient

Maintain availability of telephone advice slots for patients, their relatives or carers to discuss issues with a doctor

Maintain training practice status

Provide accommodation and training for hospital medical students

Ensure opportunities exist for consultation with a female practitioner (doctor) wherever possible

Develop nursing staff and nursing roles 

Maintain full complement of administration staff.

Glossary of terms:

Clinical Portal:

a function of information technology (IT) – an interface between primary (GPs) and secondary (hospitals and other Cardiff and the Vale Trust which enables staff in the Practice to view episodes of treatment, invitations to appointment which occur at secondary care (no similar facility exists at present for consultations etc in primary care)

Pathology linked:

a further IT function where results of blood tests, swabs on patients are relayed to the Practice via an electronic link for posting against patients’ records

New GP Contract (GMS2):

target-driven measure of a practice's performance. Implemented in 1995. Financial reimbursement of a practice is based on a number of factors, including the number of patients it has registered with it, together with adjustments for deprivation, etc and also on achievement of certain criteria centered around the quality and outcomes framework or 'QOF'. Measures for the QOF are subject to annual review and alteration. Heavy emphasis on recording of patient data and hence reliance on up-to-date computer system is integral to this.